Do’s and Don’ts of At-Home Dental Care for your Pets

For more information about pet's dental health please call Penn Valley in Penn Valley, CA at 530.601.4100 to book an appointment

When to Spay or Neuter your Pet

Here is everything you need to know about knowing when to spay/neuter your pet. Contact our veterinarian in Penn Valley, CA today at 916-757-6600.

Why is heartworm prevention important?

For more information about pet's dental health please call Penn Valley in Penn Valley, CA at 530.601.4100 to book an appointment

What age should I start getting my puppy groomed


What are the best dental treats for dogs?

When it comes to all things you give your dog, whole-food based naturally-sourced products are the safest and healthiest options. Contact Penn Valley Veterinary Associates today!

How do Microchips Work in Pets?

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2019-01-25
Pet Microchipping is a service that can significantly improve your chances of finding your pet in the sad event that he does become lost. Call 5304323125 today!

What are the Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make?

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-12-07
Penn Valley Veterinary Associates shares some of the most common mistakes that new dog owners make and how to avoid them. Call 5304323125 for details.

Why Do Owners Vaccinate Their Pets?

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-11-08
Learn more about pet vaccinations and its importance to the health of your furbaby. For inquiries, call Penn Valley Veterinary Associates at 5304323125.

How Can I Get My Dog’s Ears Clean?

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-10-31
Know more about the ways to properly clean the ear of your furry friend. For more information, call 5304323125 today!

How Do I Train my Cat to Walk on a Leash?

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-09-07
One of the best ways to make sure that she gets the exercise she needs is to train your cat to walk on a leash. Call 5304323125 to learn more.

What to Prepare Before your Shelter Dog Arrives

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-08-08
Penn Valley Veterinary Associates shares with you the guide to what to prepare before your shelter dog arrives. Call us at 5304323125 today for further advice.

Qualities of the Ideal Dog Food

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-07-09
Know the three main qualities that you should be looking for an ideal food to your furry friend. Call our Penn Valley, GA clinic at 5304323125 to know more.

10 Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-06-08
Toys are a very important part of your dog’s life. Know the 10 indestructible toys for your furry friend. Call Penn Valley Veterinary Associates at 5304323125 to know more.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-05-08
Scratching is an instinctive and therefore completely natural habit for cats and there are some things that you can do to prevent your cat from scratching up your furniture. Know more about it here.

Quick Facts and The Truth About Pet Dental Health

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-04-09
One part of pet care that is much less well known is the importance of ensuring she has great dental health. Know more of dental care facts at Penn Valley Veterinary Associates.

What’s a Good Way to Keep Dogs Calm When Moving House?

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-03-08
Read about the tips and guidelines on how to keep your furry friend stress free when moving houses. Contact 5304323125 for details.

General Feeding Recommendations for Kittens

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-02-12
Pet ownership also comes with many responsibilities, one of the most important of which is feeding your new pet. Know the feeding recommendations for kittens at Penn Valley Veterinary Associates.

The Importance of Worming Your Pet

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2018-01-08
Parasite infestations are one of the most common types of health problems to affect your pet if not addressed immediately. Learn its prevention at Pet Penn Valley Veterinary Associates.

Why and How to Manage Fleas and Ticks

Author:Penn Valley Veterinary AssociatesDate:2017-12-08
Learn the importance of managing ticks and fleas at Penn Valley Veterinary Associates. Contact 5304323125 for details.

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